IB Physiology in many ways is a continuation from IA, so if you enjoyed that, this is more of the same but to a greater depth and with more areas of interest.

Similar topics to IA are revisited in more detail, with cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, and renal making up first term. Lent is comprised of 5 weeks of reproductive physiology (shared with MVST) with 3 weeks of digestive physiology. Easter is endurance and extreme physiology, and takes you from marathon running, to Everest, to Space building on the underlying physiology you learnt previously.

In terms of practicals, they are approximately every other week, but this is somewhat variable, and are made up of experimental and histological practicals. Ordinarily these run 2-5pm.

There are 3 exams, comprising a sheet of multiple choice questions (MCQs), a 3hr essay paper for which you have to write 4 essays (of a choice of 8-9), and a practical histology exam based on the slides you use in histology practicals.

More information can be found at:

The Natural Sciences Society of St John's College