PBS3, aka Social and Developmental Psychology, is a compulsory module for second year PBS students. For this module, there are two lectures per week, and typically three to four supervisions per term, for which you will be required to write an essay.

This course is split into two halves: social psychology in Michaelmas and developmental psychology during Lent. The social psychology modules include attitudes, social representations, social norms, persons & situations, and interactions & identity. Then during Lent you will study Piaget, language development, family influences on development (including theory of mind), development social neuroscience, educational neuroscience, and mathematical cognition.

The exam is an essay paper, split into a social half and a developmental half. You will be required to answer three essay questions, with at least one from each section, and each section typically has five to eight choices of questions. This means that you have a lot of flexibility with what you want to focus on, and you can specialise more on either the social or developmental aspect of the course depending on what you are most interested in.

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