PBS1 aims to provide a broad introduction to psychology, with no expectation of any prior psychological study or knowledge. For this module, there will be two lectures per week, and typically three to four supervisions per term, for which you will be required to write an essay.

During Michaelmas, you will study gender, personality, IQ & intelligence, embodied cognition, health psychology, face perception, and interpersonal perception. In Lent, you will move on to studying social & cognitive development, social cognition, decision making, emotion, and political decision making.

The exam paper is essay based, with you being required to answer three questions from a choice of around eight on individual parts of the course, and one integrative question from a choice of three. This integrative question is worth more than any of the other three questions individually, and generally focuses on extremely broad themes such as ‘nature-nurture’. This means that although there is a degree of flexibility in which parts of the course you chose to focus on, you need to make sure that you know enough to be able to draw on a range of topics for your answer to the integrative question.

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