Note: each person’s CRSid is listed after their name (the sequence of letters and numbers in brackets). To find their email address, add to the end (e.g.

Liz Gaberdiel- Co-President (ekg31)

Hi I’m Liz, one half of the presidential duo. I’m a third year Physicist after having done a mixture of Physics and Biology previously. In my free time I cox for LMBC, sing in an a cappella group and sit in way too many committee meetings.


Matthew Lewis- Co-President (ml807)

Hiya I’m Matt, the other half of the presidential duo. I’m a third year Zoologist, having done Animal Bio, Ecology, and Physiology in my second year, and E&B, Physiology, and Cells in first year. I watch/play football, keep a worryingly large number of plants, and have spent an inordinate amount of time chasing butterflies around Bedfordshire.


Isabel Neale- Treasurer (in254)

Hi, I’m Izzy and I’m a third year Zoologist, focusing on biochem, cell biology and bioinformatics this year. Outside of my degree, I enjoy drawing, playing college hockey, and occasionally get involved in play production.


Rebecca Langdon- Events Officer (rdl26)

Hi! I’m Becky, a second year physicist. Aside from Larmor, I’m also on the Media Comitee for RAG and in my spare time I enjoy horse riding and baking.


Charlotte Jones- Secretary (cj387)

Hi! I’m Charlotte, a 3rd year PBS student, focusing this year on cognitive neuroscience and a bit of political psychology. Outside of work I enjoy playing tennis and talking endlessly about my dog (Dexter).


Mahika Dixit- Publicity Officer (mkd31)

Hi, I’m Mahika. I’m a second year Bio NatSci, and hope to continue doing some sort of biology next year. I’m interested in conservation and evolution, but in my spare time I read and play the violin (and binge Netflix!).


Charley Eugenie Yen- Academic Affairs Officer (eyhy2)

Hi I’m Charley and I’m doing a research masters in evolutionary genetics this year, having taken Zoology as a BioNatSci undergrad. Besides anything to do with animals, I enjoy art, scuba diving and skiing.


Daniel Harris- Webmaster (djh238)

Hi I’m Dan a third year NatSci studying Physics, with an additional interest in computer science having spent the summer in iOS app development. I enjoy video games, music and playing/watching sports, especially football!

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