Note:¬†each person’s CRSid is listed after their name (the sequence of letters and numbers in brackets). To find their email address, add to the end (e.g.

R. Richmond-SmithRebecca Richmond-Smith- President (rcr44)

Hiya, I am Rebecca, the President this year. I am a 3rd year BioNatSci in Zoology. Throughout my UG years I have taken: Animal Biology, Biology of Cells, Evolution and Behaviour, Neurobiology, Physiology of Organisms and Physiology. In my free time you will most likely find me at the amazing Larmor talks or on/in the Cam!


A. ErshovaAnastasia Ershova- Secretary (ae379)

Hello! I am¬†Anastasia, a third year studying Pharmacology. In my second year I combined that with Materials Science and Neurobiology, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions about meshing the biological and physical sides of the Natural Sciences tripos! Aside from science, I really enjoy playing badminton and solving Rubik’s cubes.


I. NealeIsabel Neale- Treasurer (in254)

Hi, I’m Izzy and I’m a 2nd year BioNatsci. This year I am taking Cell & Developmental Biology, Pathology and Physiology. Outside of work I’m on the ethical affairs subcommittee of the JCR, and I enjoy playing tennis and skiing.


W. DeanWill Dean- Events/Social Officer (wd266)

I’m a third year Physicist, hoping to follow that through my fourth year at Johns too. Away from work, you can find me playing Rugby, in the bar or on the backs.


E. GaberdielLiz Gaberdiel- Academic Affairs (ekg31)

Hi! I’m Liz, now a second year Physicist after doing a mixture of Physics and Biology in my first year. I am currently writing the John’s Yearbook and when I’m not in one of many committee meetings, I dance and make music.


Daniel Harris- Webmaster (djh238)

Hi I’m Dan a second year NatSci studying physics, continuing the trend of taking the most typical combination of modules known to man. I enjoy playing video games and playing/watching sport, especially football!



Stephen Cole- Publicity Officer (sc944)

Hi! I’m Stephen, a third year BioNatSci studying biochemistry, and hoping to go on to fourth year Systems Biology. Outside of science, I enjoy singing and musical theatre, and you can often find me rehearsing for the CU show choir.

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