The Larmor Society is the Natural Sciences society of St John’s College, Cambridge. We are named after the eminent physicist Joseph Larmor who was an alumnus. Every undergraduate Natural Scientist in St John’s is a member of the Society, as well as PhD students pursuing research in a scientific field.

We put on a variety of talks each term spanning all areas of scientific research which all students from across the university are welcome to attend. They are super interesting no matter what area of science you’re into, and always have refreshments provided (including wine!). We also organise lots of other events exclusively for our Natural Sciences student members through the year: various social events, such as desserts evenings, an annual dinner in Lent term and garden parties (with hog roast!).

The Larmor Society also aims to provide student to student advice on the Natural Sciences course, particularly with regard to choosing subjects out of the many options available, and dealing with the stresses of such an intense and challenging course. Do contact us or talk to your fellow students if you have questions!


Check out our termcard to see what events we are hosting this term!




The Natural Sciences Society of St John's College